When the pleasure of playing rhymes with the art of mini-golf design


Mini-golf Montgenèvre

An enchanting course in tune with nature

Our team has invested heavily in the design of this 9-hole mini-golf course, dedicated to the discovery of the local environment and wildlife. Each hole of the course is an invitation to explore and appreciate the beauty of the surrounding landscape. Our ambition is to create an immersive and educational experience for visitors to Montgenèvre, young and old alike. The richness of the local environment is our main source of inspiration for creating magical settings that will delight visitors of all ages. One of the special features in the creation and design of this mini-golf course is the detailed reproduction of the Durance, the majestic river that rises in Montgenèvre and winds its way through the Var department. We put all our craftsmanship into recreating this emblematic waterway, offering players a unique visual and sensory experience.

The international touch: bilingual mini-golf

As Montgenèvre is a border resort with Italy, we wanted to highlight this particularity. Each plaque illustrating the holes is produced in Italian and French, offering a fun and immersive experience to all visitors, whatever their nationality. It's our way of contributing to the cultural openness and conviviality of this recreational area.

Durable materials for long-lasting installation

At SPS Filets, we understand the importance of creating durable, long-lasting installations. That's why we chose to use high-quality materials for the decorations on this mini-golf course. The decorations are made of 600 mm thick marine plywood so that the resort can dismantle and protect them during the winter months, ensuring their preservation and quality for seasons to come.

Mini-golf Montgenèvre

Successful collaboration with the town of Montgenèvre

The success of this project is the result of a close collaboration with the municipality of Montgenèvre. We are honored to have been chosen to bring this mini-golf course to life, and we thank the town for its confidence in our know-how and creativity. This harmonious cooperation has enabled us to bring this project to fruition together, and to offer residents and visitors alike an entertaining summer activity.

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