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SPS Filets offers you top-of-the-range sports equipment for all your projects. For both indoor and outdoor projects, we advise you in the choice of products and install the equipment ourselves.

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What types of sports enclosures do we offer?

All our nets are made by our team, in our Norman workshop!

Ball protection nets

Our ball protection nets are designed by hand in our workshop in Normandy. They are perfect to delimit your football or rugby stadiums and to prevent balls from escaping! Available in several versions, discover our many ball guards!

Golf Ball Guards

Made with a smaller mesh size, these golf ball safety nets will allow you to keep your balls close, without having to look for them everywhere!

Tennis Kit

Do you want to build a tennis court or simply renew yours? Our Tennis Kits include everything you need! You'll find doors, drop-down, gates, posts, nets,... We offer 5 configurations, all of which comply with FFT standards.

Sport Handrail

Sport Handrails are ideal for marking the boundaries of your pitches, but also for allowing fans and attendants to lean against them during matches or training sessions. We offer them with or without filling.

Sport Enclosure

To delimit your grounds, whether sporting or industrial, our sport enclosure nets are aesthetic, ultra-solid and very quick to install!

Installation Accessories

You will find all the installation accessories for your sports enclosure fixation.

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