An original SPS Filets product, the ARCH AVENTURE is a high-level course without a harness. This structure is entirely made up of nets organised in tunnels to ensure optimum safety for users. Designed, manufactured and installed by us, take advantage of the know-how and professionalism of our teams, who do everything to offer you top-of-the-range products that allow users to enjoy a unique experience!

Accessible to both children and parents, your users will enjoy a family experience par excellence. This tunnel of nets covers a metal structure and the reception platforms. Inside, it is up to you to create your own universe with the workshops you want! As in a classic tree climbing course, you can create a course with different game modules, each more varied than the last!


The ARCH AVENTURE's advantage is its safety and its accessibility to all levels of play. With its secure net tunnel, children and adults can move freely without having to wear a harness and various PPE! Free access, the ARCH AVENTURE requires less supervision from the instructors. If the user falls on a workshop, he or she is caught by the net tunnel and can then set off again under his or her own steam!

The ARCH AVENTURE consists of platforms with a 120 cm perimeter, guard rails, arches for the tunnel and steel net tubes as well as the workshops. All the elements are designed in our different workshops located in Normandy.

Don't worry about the installation of this structure, our teams will take care of everything if you need it!



To obtain your ARCH AVENTURE, contact our sales department to define your projects and specify your wishes. We will then draw up a tailor-made estimate.

So don't wait any longer, enhance your park with the ARCH AVENTURE, an excellent family activity!

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Course made at the Viaduc of the Souleuvre

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