Nos filets pare ballons sont fabriqués sur-mesure.

Nous fournissons également les accessoires de fixation.

  • Our 4m above-ground ball posts are available for your playgrounds, schools, stadiums, multi-sport fields and many others. To bring you a solution adapted to your project, this product is only available on quotation.

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    La fabrication de nos filets pare ballons est faite sur mesure. Sélectionnez parmi les différents choix le filet souhaité et définissez la longueur et la largeur voulues.

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    4,46 €
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  • Our 5m ball guard posts can be used in the construction and landscaping of your playgrounds, schools, gymnasiums, multi-sport fields, and more. In order to provide you with a suitable solution for your project, this product is only available upon quotation.

  • SPS Filets offers you 6m ball-guard posts to protect and secure your various spaces: fields, sports complexes, gymnasiums, multi-sports fields... This product is only available on quotation: we consider that each of your requests requires a proposal perfectly adapted to your needs!

  • Discover our 7m above-ground ballposts, available for the construction and layout of your playgrounds, schools, stadiums, multi-sports fields and many others. This product is only available on quotation for a perfectly adapted solution.

  • Don't wait any longer to discover our 8m posts for balloon fences: an ideal equipment for the protection and security of your various sports complexes. This product is only available on quotation, which will allow the proposal of a solution perfectly adapted to your needs.

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Balloon fences and balloon nets with steel posts made to measure.

Our balloon nets are custom made. Our balloon fence posts are specially designed to maintain optimal tension for your balloon fence around your space. Ideally designed to protect outdoor sports areas for municipalities and communities, balloon nets are very useful to secure your outdoor spaces.

The balloon nets

Our balloon fences are available in different heights above ground: 4m, 5m, 6m, 7m and 8m above ground for the standard heights. For your larger projects, our teams are at your disposal for an in-depth study of your needs. Each project requires a precise analysis of the terrain, the meteorological and geological constraints. Once this analysis has been carried out, our design office will be able to respond to your project by proposing the most suitable solution.

The ballistic nets

Our ball screens are equipped with polyethylene nets, knotted wire 2.5mm and different mesh sizes:
- 25mm mesh: golf protection net
- 48mm mesh : Tennis ball protection net
- 100 and 145mm mesh: ball protection net

A turnkey project, with the installation of our ball screens

As for the installation, you are free to assemble your ball screens yourself or to call upon our installation team specialized in our products. Available in the whole of France, our installers come to your site for a turnkey project, from the study to the installation!

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