Construction Safety 

SPSFilets offers the supply and installation of nets, safety equipment and temporary site protection: safety net, protection net, rubble fence, facade net, tarpaulin...

All our nets are made by our filleters in our Normandy workshop.

Security systems

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We offer you a wide range of safety systems to equip your worksites at height and provide the necessary safety for your teams.


Guardrails are standard equipment on high construction sites. They protect your workers from possible falls and thus ensure safety on your construction sites.  Positioned on the dangerous zones, they support the static efforts, but also the dynamic efforts.


The lifeline ensures the safety of your team as they work on your various construction sites at height. It allows the worker to be hooked to fixed points and to a secure line throughout his mission. In the event of a fall, the user is held by this lifeline. The lifeline can be adapted to different supports, whether vertical or horizontal.

We advise you to inform yourself about the different regulations concerning these lifelines. If you have any questions about this product, please contact our sales department.

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