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Design and manufacture of original game modules for tree climbing !

SPSFilets offers you a wide range of module sets.

We do our best to imagine and create unique and original module sets. Every month, our team innovates to offer you new modules, based on new themes, new materials or to attract new customers. Innovation is at the heart of our values in order to support you and satisfy you over time.

The modules we offer you are designed by our production team here in Normandy! Net weaving specialists prepare all our net and rope modules. The wooden modules are also designed by our team. Each module sets we offer you is carefully manufactured by our own. The objective is that you only have to install the majority of our modules. We provide necessary accessoires for assembly for the installation of each workshop.

An unequalled know-how for more than 10 years

We design, conceptualize and manufacture our own module sets for tree top adventures park. Our integrated design office allows us to imagine exceptional and atypical games! Moreover, our production team is located in front of the design office, so we can test our creations without wasting time! If the novelty is validated by the team, we propose it to you without further delay in our monthly newsletter!

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