Design of a cart circuit in Honfleur


Circuit de voiturettes Honfleur

To complete your mini-golf course and offer children a complementary activity, we can also create circuits, in wood, for electric carts.

What's the idea

Introduce children to the carts from an early age with our cart tour. With this new activity, we propose to create a miniature traffic environment in which children can learn and practice the essential driving skills! The cart circuit includes the main road signs, priority rules, yield the way and stop...

Do everything like the big ones / Learn and have fun like the big ones!

Beyond the initiation, the cart circuit allows the little ones to have fun doing what the big ones do. It is a fun and amusing moment to share with them. In addition, the children will be able to learn to play together on the track, under the supervision of the parents. For precautionary reasons, we recommend that you use an instructor to watch over the course.

Circuit voiturettes électriques de Honfleur

And how does it work?

You choose your journey, its organization and layout! We carefully select our raw materials so that your project is sustainable throughout the seasons. Made from autoclave pine, treated class 4, our team of carpenters designs and realizes your journey within our workshop. We are located in Normandy, from where all our products are designed.

All you need now is to equip yourself with your carts to navigate your course and you're done! For greater safety, children should be equipped with protective helmets.

Composition and maintenance

Circuit in autoclave pine, treated class 4. Decking composed of terrace boards, grooved in class 4 brown pine, fixed on a joists. Post guardrails 195 mm x 195 mm, spruce class 3, green.

Maintenance level is simple! A blower to clear the path of dead leaves and that's it!

Circuit voiturettes électriques de Honfleur

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