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Crop net

The "trouser" shape of this crop net ensures optimum harvesting of olive trees, oaks, walnut trees...

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This crop net is mainly used to collect fruits fallen from the trees.

It makes it possible to gain in efficiency while preserving the health of the harvesters, avoiding them to bend over.

Useful and mainly practical, the harvesting net is easy to use. Lightweight, it is easy to handle, and thanks to its small mesh, it is very resistant. It weighs 350 g/m2.

The SPSFilets crop net is manufactured in a "trouser" shape, which enables it to be passed around the trunk of any tree, be it olive trees, oaks, walnut trees, chestnut trees etc., in order to best adapt to the area to be covered.

Available in green/black color and in various sizes:

  • 12 x 12 m
  • 8 x 8 m
  • 6 x 6 m

Treated anti UV up to 320 Kly, it ensures longevity and good resistance to the sun.

Wind resistance: 18%.

Shading: 16%.

Nombre d'unités 1
Dimensions 6x6m - 8x8m - 12x12m
Poids 350 kg/m2
Compositions Surjeté en périphérie, chaque coin du filet est renforcé

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