Restoration of a miniature golf course in Honfleur


Minigolf de Honfleur

We offer you a turnkey solution for your miniature golf course. Creation of a complete site, but also, renovation of the existing one, SPS Filets accompanies you in your project from A to Z.

Mini-golf, yes, but what else do you offer?

We offer you an aesthetic and fun mini-golf! With us, mini-golf is original and authentic! Offer a unique and creative mini-golf by making your own customised mini-golf.

We have already presented many customised projects. Bringing a theme to your course allows you to bring a new style of play, while increasing your business performance. Your mini-golf course will be personalised according to your theme. Together we will create harmonious, original courses that are accessible to all.

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Do you have a specific theme to highlight through this mini-golf?

We have the playful and accessible solution to meet your needs. For an optimal playing experience, our courses are accessible to all ages and all levels. For your tailor-made mini-golf, we carry out your entire project: design office, design, earthworks for the tracks and footpaths.

Minigolf de Honfleur - Pont de Normandie

A turnkey project

To create a harmonious environment, we work with the environment and propose a story through our courses. We favour vertical and sealed sculptures made from tree trunks in order to enter into an immersion with nature. Concerned about evolving with our local eco-system, we select natural and local materials for all our creations. For the design of our sculptures, we also call upon French artists.

Many themes are possible, let's discuss your project and we will make you a suitable proposal.

Minigolf de Honfleur - restauration

How long does a project of this size take?

Count on 6 to 8 weeks for the manufacture of the modules in connection with the given theme and 3 to 5 weeks for the realization of the site.

Note that it is important to provide water and electricity on the site as well as a storage area for materials.

Minigolf de Honfleur - restauration

Restored miniature golf course for the town of Honfleur (14600)

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