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The giant ski

A new and fun team building experience is offered to you through this fun workshop that is the Giant Ski!

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Team building: a fun way to create team cohesion!

The Giant Skis have been imagined by our teams to offer you a new way to create cohesion within your team. It is the ideal tool to animate your company seminars and other team building workshops.

How does it work?

Nothing could be simpler, each Giant Ski can accommodate four people. To move forward, the team will have to coordinate to make the ski move. You can organize races and test your employees in a good mood! Thanks to this game, you will be able to create team cohesion, improve communication within the group and strengthen the bonds between your employees, all while having fun.

Do you want other team building activities?

Because we believe that team building is a very important part of doing a good job, SPS Filets offers you another team building activity: the Giant 3D Puzzle.

The spider is a complete kit of 27 giant wooden pieces. This workshop works like the wooden miniatures to be built little by little, except that here you will have to be in small groups to do the final assembly. In the kit, you will also find an overview of the different pieces as well as a picture of the final module.

Available for sale online in a few clicks. For any information, our sales team is available at +33 (0)2 31 78 82 76 ! So don't hesitate any longer!

Nombre d'unités 2
Poids 45 kg
Compositions Autoclave wood

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