Info point on our supply and manufacturing issues


Info point on our supply

Dear customers,

Since the fourth quarter of 2020, prices and procurement times for certain raw materials, especially steel and wood, have risen dramatically. This is due to supply difficulties that have led to a significant increase in raw material prices.

Indeed, the supply of steel or wood in Europe is made difficult by the growing demand in Asia, where the recovery of activity is very strong. The current situation in the supply market is a major challenge for the entire sector.

Our raw material suppliers are facing unprecedented supply difficulties, and this is having an impact on the other links in the chain. Without raw materials, we are not able to design your products.

We have therefore reviewed our manufacturing and delivery times on our e-commerce site to get as close as possible to our estimates. We obviously do our best to respect the delivery times announced. Thus, for more clarity with you, here are the details of our manufacturing delays:

  • Monkey bridge nets, walking nets : 3 weeks
  • Climbing nets : 4 weeks
  • Play modules for tree climbing : 3/4 weeks
  • Ball and golf ball protection nets : 3 weeks
  • Safety and protection nets for construction and public works: 2/3 weeks

Count then 48h of transport after expedition

So, in this particular period, we ask you to be conciliatory with our teams. In production, we continue to mobilize to provide your orders in time and in sales, we remain available to answer your questions.

Dear customers, let's be understanding with each other. Everyone, at his or her level, does his or her best to solve the problem.

The production teams, the sales teams, the communication teams and the management thank you for your understanding.

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