Zip Line modules 

In addition to offering you game module sets, SPS Filets also designs zip line modules to your tree top adventure park.

  • 53,05 €

    The spreader is a support to adapt your game modules into a zip line module.

    53,05 €
  • 25,75 €

    Discover The Zip-line Handle. It will allow users a better comfort of play during their zip line crossings. 

    25,75 €
  • 127,72 €

    Discover the children's zip-line swing! Perfect for children, it will be suitable for the youngest ones to enjoy a fun zip line during their rides. 

    127,72 €
  • 108,15 €

    Buoy swing with 12 mm textured polypropylene hanger adjustable in height from 0.75 m to 1.50 m. Suspension rings and adjusting brackets. Overmoulded in black polypropylene. Supplied with valve, not inflated. Colour red

    108,15 €
  • 45,30 €

    The handlebar is made of hot galvanized steel with 2 non-slip handles, foam protection on the right side.

    45,30 €
  • 371,83 €

    Perfect for beginners, this game is perfectly adapted to your green courses.

    371,83 €
  • 371,83 €

    One module, several game possibilities, the choice is yours !

    371,83 €
  • 656,00 €

    The Concept Marin range is expanding with this new module for zip lines.

    656,00 €
  • 371,83 €

    The Hoop is a game module from our new SPS Kids range.

    371,83 €
  • 190,55 €

    This zip line module is mainly intended for children. 

    190,55 €
  • 176,13 €

    Adjustable game module to accompany children along the zip line.

    176,13 €
  • 814,00 €

    The Zip Spiderman is a straight Zip Line module inspired by the superhero!

    814,00 €
  • 84,87 €

    The pulley on wheels for your zip line game modules. It is equipped with plastic wheels to avoid premature wear of the cable.

    84,87 €
  • 44,60 €

    Discover our set of 4 screw safety carabiners for spreader bars. 

    44,60 €
  • 100,84 €

    Discover our set of 2 PETZL Tandem Speed pulleys, perfect to accompany the rudder! 

    100,84 €
  • 578,86 €

    Winter sports at the top of the summits, meet at the bottom of the slopes with the wooden sledge.  

    578,86 €
  • 810,00 €

    Surf from one platform to another with this original module : the SPS Filets Surfboard.

    810,00 €
  • 570,00 €

    The Trotti Zip is a zip line in the shape of a scooter! 

    570,00 €
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Design and manufacture of zip line modules for adventure parks

Why install zip lines on your treetop courses?

In your acrobatic routes, it is important to offer sensations! Make sure to bring adrenaline to your users with static elements, original elements, transparent elements... and especially zip lines!

The zip line is a fun way to move from one platform to the next while enjoying the thrill of a high-speed descent!

The modules designed for zip lines can be very varied in terms of their composition: rope, wood, metal or even elements taken from our daily lives and adapted to the world of tree top adventures such as the handlebars of bicycles or surfboards!

How to offer an experience that is out of the ordinary in a zip line?

At SPSFilets, innovation and originality are at the heart of our activity! To enhance your zip lines, we do not just offer you a basic zip line! For example, the sled, the surfboard, the trotti tyro and the handlebars are ingenious elements that have been taken out of context to offer an original experience!

You can also equip your zip lines with challenge modules that will challenge your users. The pirate zip,  or even trapeze are modules that use a lot of arm strength. We recommend them for difficult level courses so as not to scare novice users.

Finally, to adapt to all levels, you can also find a series of zip line modules designed for children. These modules are part of our SPSKIDS range, specially designed to provide a play experience for the youngest.

Through all our creations, our team tends to adapt as well as possible to your needs in order to offer you a relatively wide range of products.

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