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Spider Box

Will your users be able to untangle themselves from the Spider Boxes that stand in their way?

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The Spider Box is an exceptional and atypical module designed by our team.

The Spider Box is a knotty box that users have to put their feet in without getting tangled up in order to keep moving!

The Spider Box is made from autoclaved wood, class 4, fixed on a non-slip floor.

The Spider Box is supplied with installation accessories and a 20 m coil of bungee cord with a diameter of 9 mm.

Perfect to add a touch of thrill to your courses, you can make your own spider web with the black bungee cord reel.

The dimensions of the box are as follows:

- Length: 0.80 m,
- Width: 0.60 m,
- Height 0.62 m.

Ideally, the Spider Box is designed for blue courses.

To complete the crossing, we advise you to add footbridge boards between the Spider Boxes.

Once you have received your module, it is up to you to customize the level of difficulty of the crossing.

To customize your product, select the total length you want for your module, then the length and colour of the lines.

Nombre d'unités 1
assembly accessories Supplied
Hauteur 62 cm
Longueur 80 cm
Largeur 60 cm
Matière pine autoclave class 4
Rope diameter Sandow Ø 9 mm - 20 m. Color black
Poids 12 Kg
Compositions Wooden box autoclave class 4, fixed on a non-slip floor


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