XMONKEY, an amusement park made in SPS Filets


Un parc mexicain vertigineux, made in SPS Filets  


XMONKEY, an amusement park that combines altitude, extreme sensations and atypical courses.


Located in the Bay of Acapulco, the XMonkey treetop adventure park is the ideal experience for thrill seekers. Unique in Mexico, this park will allow you to share moments with family or friends around various activities. This park offers an atypical and vertiginous adventure to its many adventurers, true lovers of new sensations.

This project was born from a real need to provide the whole family with an adapted tourist complex, allowing a total escape in the heart of an urban area. XMONKEY covers a total of 2200 square meters, includes 3 levels of games, but also a zip line considered the longest in the world above the sea. This unique attraction allows adventurers to cross the Bay of Puerto Marquesas at more than 140 km/hour. These activities are suitable for all audiences and are adapted to the youngest as well as the oldest with three levels of difficulty :

The Baby Monkey is composed of 9 games of low difficulty, ideal for the youngest members of the family. The duration of the circuit is 20 minutes.

  • Alphabet bridge
  • Enchanted Climbing Wall
  • The Wave
  • The barrel
  • Bascule Bridge
  • Pika Pika
  • Coconut Swing
  • Pirate swing
  • Jungle Track


Young Monkey, with 18 games (9 Baby Monkey games + 9 extra games). Its difficulty is medium and the circuit lasts 35 minutes.

To the 9 games of BABY MONKEY are added:

  • Uneven Circle
  • Running Log
  • Giant Steps
  • Hanging Skittle
  • "Perche à Patrice"
  • Tibetan Bridge
  • Dominos
  • U-shaped chain


The Big Monkey, 27 extreme games make up the most difficult circuit of the park (9 Baby Monkey games + 9 Youth games + 9 additional games). The difficulty is extreme, lasting 45 minutes. The course of the fighter is complex and vertiginous but the adventurers are rewarded by a breathtaking view of the bay of Puerto Marquès.

To the games of BABY and YOUNG MONKEY are added:

  • The tyre
  • Pirogue Bridge
  • Hanging plate
  • Hanging cross


Réalisation SPS Filetsà Acapulco


You are probably wondering how SPS Filets, a company located in Normandy, managed to accompany this Mexican park in the design, installation and implementation of this large-scale project?


SPS Filets, a partner able to accompany the operating managers located on the other side of the globe: advice, follow-up and universal know-how.


Nicolas FURIC, head of international relations at SPS Filets, had the opportunity to meet the manager of the Linea Vertical PR construction group, Satya ORTIZ, in 2019 at the ACCT, an international trade show bringing together more than 30 countries. She tells the story of this first meeting:

"Linea Vertical met SPS Filets for the first time at one of the ACCT trade shows. We immediately noticed the wide range of products they offered and how they could meet our needs. We liked the different modules because they were perfectly adapted to our project, design and the needs we had detected in our customers".


Listening to her requests, Nicolas was able to understand her client's needs and provide the necessary elements for the realization of this ambitious project. After several exchanges, videoconference interviews and discussions, the project really came to life, in Mexico, 9000 kilometers from Normandy. This geographical distance did not in any way prevent our sales team from advising and supporting our client in the best possible conditions.

"Despite the fact that we are located on two different continents, with the help of technology, we have and still have very good business relationships. The SPS Filets Team has always been at our disposal and has always been there to answer any request".


The variety of products, colors and innovations offered by SPS Filets is one of the attractive features of our partners. Every year we develop new products to meet the needs of your users.

Attentive to your needs and desires, our research department designs ever more fun and original products to enable you to offer your visitors ever stronger sensations! The diversity of our range allows you to adapt your routes for each of your adventurers.


SPS Filets vous accompagne sur vos projets à l'international


How can we find a better answer than our customers? Satya ORTIZ testifies to its partnership with SPS Filets :

"Linea Vertical PR has chosen SPS FILETS because of the flexibility they have shown in adapting the product to our needs but also for the good business relationship we have.

The logistics were very good and we managed to get our products on time. The team was also able to meet our additional needs.

Linea Vertical PR is always looking for innovation in each of its projects, and we know that at SPS Filets they help us to materialize these ideas, so we hope to have other projects in another part of the world in the short term where we can apply these products. Right now we're working on new projects in America and the Middle East, but we're always open to the possibility of helping people turn their ideas into reality".

SPS Filets offers turnkey solutions to enable its partners to take full ownership of their projects. Our priority is to meet all of our customers' desires and aspirations. This project in Costa Rica obviously represents our ability to always adapt to the requests we receive. A vertiginous park, atypical requests or the geographical distance are not brakes for the company SPS Filets, quite simply a challenge to be taken up. Adaptability is our greatest strength.

Our teams are always available and attentive to all the expectations and needs of the operations managers. Together, we will find solutions adapted to YOUR ambitions.

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