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Discover the partners of SPS Filets !

At SPS Filets, we are confident that our strength lies in creating lasting partnerships with companies that share our values. That’s why we want to talk to you today about an interior design company: O'Tiny House, an interior design company for Tiny House. 

Who are they?

Created by Jérôme and Gérard, O'Tiny is based in Choisis (France). These two brothers-in-law have developed this company in order to help their clients enter a healthier and more environmentally friendly lifestyle.

Their main area of expertise is the bespoke construction of Tiny House. According to your request and needs, O'Tiny creates the house of your dreams by communicating with you throughout its construction.

You want to build your own Tiny House? No problem, O'Tiny offers to deliver the main materials as well as a manual to help you. Count on them to accompany you throughout this process!

More about O'Tiny

The Tiny House, what is it?

Tiny Houses are a new way of looking at housing. “Tiny” = tiny, and “House” = home. Beyond its small size, the Tiny House has several peculiarities of its own: 

It is mobile and tractable, since it is mounted on axles like a trailer

It is ecological and benefits from a totally artisanal and environmentally friendly manufacture with a selection of recyclable materials.

It is durable because its construction and insulation are identical to a traditional wooden house.

Imported directly from the United States, the Tiny House phenomenon dating from 1929, has resurfaced since the years 2010, in France. Beyond the financial worries that may be encountered, this way of life essentially aims to respond to environmental problems as well as to highlight the ecological consciousness of its inhabitants. 

What is the added value provided by SPS Filets to these Tiny Houses?

O'Tiny is a recurring customer of our e-commerce platform. This entrepreneur specialized in the development of Tiny House and the interior design in its entirety comes to us for all of its

Whether it is to design spaces intelligently or to let natural light into the interior, hanging nets are an ingenious interior design.

Whether in white or black, this manufacturer uses our essential 50 mm mesh walking net in its different interior spaces. Thanks to our e-commerce site, he personalizes the size of his net according to the space determined and he can place his order entirely online.

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Place of relaxation, intelligent space or design, as in Otiny’s creations, the net can complement your interior spaces in an original and playful way!

We thank Jérôme from O'Tiny for sharing his customer experience and accomplishments! 

See you soon on our e-commerce!

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