Come and discover the SHOWROOM


Showroom by SPS FILETS

It is finally ready, discover the SHOWROOM !

After several months of reflection and construction, it is finally time for us to unveil this project: the SHOWROOM.

What is the SHOWROOM?

It was already several years that this project was maturing in our heads and we gave it life this year: the SHOWROOM. Its main objective? To create a space dedicated to the installation of our play modules. We therefore acquired a private park with trees in order to install two courses. The first one, a few centimeters from the ground, is made to highlight the products of the SPS KIDS range: the modules adapted to children's practice. The second, placed at 3.50m from the ground, is an intermediate course. Each course includes between 7 and 8 workshops that will allow us to fulfill different missions:

A real-life situation.

The first objective of this SHOWROOM is to put our products in a concrete situation and to detail some elements. Showing you the hanging systems, the possible combinations and the result of the module after installation are some examples. We plan to create images and videos to accompany you in the installation on your course. This way, you will have all the keys to install your modules properly and have an optimal use!

A space to test our products.

Because the quality of our products is an essential element and because we want to offer you durable play modules, the SHOWROOM will also serve as a test area for our existing modules and future innovations! Thanks to this, we will be able to see the real wear and tear over time, if our new products are viable and durable over the seasons!

A creative asset.

The last objective of the SHOWROOM, and not the least, is to allow the creation of more varied and realistic contents, especially with our game modules! Shots, demonstration videos of the modules, product focus for the design of supports... So much new content that we are eager to share with you!

Discover the showroom in video

Discover the showroom in video

So now that this project has finally been unveiled to you, we are waiting for your feedback!

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