Find out every accessories that can improve your treetop adventure parks. Climbing holds, slackline, free fall system... it is with these accessories that your park and your routes will stand out from the others so do not hesitate!

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All the ideal accessories for your tree-climbing trip!

Practical accessories: essential!

Among the accessories we offer, you can find all the cabling, rope and small equipment necessary to create and maintain your fleet.

Accessories that add value to your fleet.

We also offer Quickflight, Zipstop and Trublue equipment. What are these little accessories for?

Quickflight is probably one of the best known. It will allow you to offer strong sensations to your users. From the top of a platform, they will be able to opt for a real jump into the void. Attached to the Quickflight braking system, they will be held a few metres above the ground!

Strong sensations guaranteed! For a better reception, we advise you to equip your floors with a jumping mat, in order to provide the necessary comfort for a good reception.

Zipstop or Zipstop Speed is a magnetic braking system that limits the intensity of reception during a zip line. Added to your most powerful zip line, for example, it will cushion the arrival and secure the user. In addition to this equipment, we recommend equipping your reception platform with a standard foam, an corner foam or, ideally, a reception mattress.

Finally, the Trublue or Trublue Speed provides security for users throughout their climbing journey. The user attaches himself to this tool and to the life-line during the crossing of the climbing wall. In case of a fall, he will then be retained by the Trublue.

These three essentials are all designed to reassure the user, to bring something atypical to your park and to offer a comfortable playing experience while allowing the user to have a strong experience!

What accessories do we offer?

You will also find anti-reverse stops for your zip lines, ropes and all the essential accessories for treetop courses.

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