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  • 74,52 €

    Get more safety on your high construction sites by equipping yourself with our Anti-Fall Protection Nets.

    74,52 €
  • 32,00 €

    Optimum safety on your worksites thanks to the SPS Filets guardrail net.

    32,00 €
  • 1,80 €

    More safety on your high construction sites with SPSFilets anti-fall protection safety nets. Net price per m² (excluding bolt rope), all taxes included:

    1,80 €
  • 2,50 €

    More safety on your high construction site with SPSFilets anti-fall protection nets. Price per m² (excluding bolt rope) including all taxes:

    2,50 €
  • 9,50 €

    For reinforced protection, opt for a triple-mesh net. Net price per m² (excluding boltrope), VAT Incl:

    9,50 €
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Safety Nets for Construction and Public Works

Because safety in the construction industry is essential, our team equips you with nets that will allow you to work in the best conditions.

We offer you fall protection nets, triple mesh nets and guardrails.

Our anti-man fall safety nets are made to measure in our Norman workshop and comply with applicable regulations.

These nets are designed to prevent the risk of falling material or to secure your team on the whole site at height.
Many standards are applied to these nets. It is strongly advised to find out before using them. Our sales department is at your disposal for any further information.

Triple-mesh netting, or rubble nets, protect pedestrians from falling debris or rubble. They make it possible to secure the construction site at height from falling material.

Guardrail nets are placed between the main guardrail and the work surface. They allow the user's fall to be held between the guardrail structures, especially on sloping sites. In addition, they can be used to prevent the fall of materials.

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