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SPS Filets offers you top-of-the-range sports equipment for all your projects. For both indoor and outdoor projects, we advise you in the choice of products and install the equipment ourselves.

  • Our 4m above-ground ball posts are available for your playgrounds, schools, stadiums, multi-sport fields and many others. To bring you a solution adapted to your project, this product is only available on quotation.

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    La fabrication de nos filets pare ballons est faite sur mesure. Sélectionnez parmi les différents choix le filet souhaité et définissez la longueur et la largeur voulues.

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  • Our 5m ball guard posts can be used in the construction and landscaping of your playgrounds, schools, gymnasiums, multi-sport fields, and more. In order to provide you with a suitable solution for your project, this product is only available upon quotation.

  • SPS Filets offers you 6m ball-guard posts to protect and secure your various spaces: fields, sports complexes, gymnasiums, multi-sports fields... This product is only available on quotation: we consider that each of your requests requires a proposal perfectly adapted to your needs!

  • Discover our 7m above-ground ballposts, available for the construction and layout of your playgrounds, schools, stadiums, multi-sports fields and many others. This product is only available on quotation for a perfectly adapted solution.

  • Don't wait any longer to discover our 8m posts for balloon fences: an ideal equipment for the protection and security of your various sports complexes. This product is only available on quotation, which will allow the proposal of a solution perfectly adapted to your needs.

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Clôtures pare ballon, filet pare ballon et filet pare balle de golf avec poteaux en acier, tube rond, plastifié vert.

Nos pare-ballons sont équipés de filet en polyéthylène, fil câblé noué 2.5mm et de différentes mailles : 
- Maille de 25mm : filet pare golf 
Maille de 48mm : Filet pare balles de tennis
Mailles de 100 et 145mm : Filet pare ballons 


Hauteurs disponibles : de 3 à 14m 

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