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Winter sports at the top of the summits, meet at the bottom of the slopes with the wooden sledge.  

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Game module to equip your zip line, the Sledge has been imagined by our team to transport you to the top of the slopes! Imagined and prepared in our workshop, we make sure that your orders are correctly prepared and shipped.

The Sledge is made of wood. It is mounted on a douglas structure held by a 16 mm diameter threaded rod, protected by an aluminium sheath. To allow it to slide, 4 nylon wheel pulleys are installed on the Sledge to make it slide on the cables. The total length of the sled is 90 cm.

Discover a fun way to zip-line with the SPS Filets Sled. Simply hook your karabiner to the lifeline, sit on the Sled and slide down the cables to the next platform. The Sled is an original module that will amuse your users. A new way of thinking about zip-lining!

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Discover our whole range of zip line games as well as our game modules for SPS Filets treetop adventure!

Longueur 90 cm
Diamètre Ø16 mm
Matière Wooden sledge
Compositions Equipped with 4 nylon wheel pulleys

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