SPSFilets adds a new string to its bow: digital printing on wood!


Collection SPSFilets impression sur bois

Find out how SPSFilets meets the needs of treetop adventure operators thanks to its new technology....

The aerial adventure activities are evolving, a significant turning point for manufacturers and operators...

The concept of Treetop Adventure is still relevant today: to make its users evolve through a series of fun and adapted obstacles to each level of difficulty. However, it is necessary to point out that new trends are emerging within the acrobatic parks. More and more, high rope parks offer very rich and enjoyable experiences to their adventurers.

Treetop adventure is developing in different forms with the unique objective of meeting the different expectations of its users. Leisure parks are moving towards Indoor courses, atypical play areas, as well as themed courses.

An essential vector of attractiveness as there are more than 9 million annual visitors in France for more than 600 parks.

Stand out and propose adventure courses always more FUN thanks to the introduction of themes within the accrobranche parks.

We have to differentiate those who love sensations from those who practice this sport to satisfy the need to surpass themselves. But also families, who come to practice rope courses to relax, to make the children evolve in a fun and stimulating environment. In order to attract, seduce and retain these adventurers, parks no longer limit themselves to creating a treetop adventure. Each park creates its own concept.

This has been the approach taken by Sherwood Parc, Celt'Aventures and Voiles en Voiles.

Sherwood Parc

Sherwood Parc bets on the diversity of sensations while immersing its adventurers in a medieval universe. 40 accrobranche courses, 450 workshops perched in the trees, a 260-metre zip line recognized as the longest in Île de France on a theme park. A unique and unforgettable experience.


The concept: a treetop adventure park where Breton legends punctuate the adventures that you may enjoy in his park. An unmissable experience for the entire family looking for an atypical experience. This theme park offers 9 evolutionary courses adapted to children and adults! At Celt'Aventures, gnomes, elves and goblins are an integral part of the adventure.

Voiles en Voiles

The rope courses is developing throughout the world. The adventure park Voiles en Voiles has been able to take the turning point of new trends in acrobatic courses in heights. Thus, royal ships and pirate ships are hoisting up on the Old Port of Montreal. As you may have understood, Piracy is in the spotlight. Here, the park offers many activities around piracy in order to provide total immersion and a grandiose adventure.

To accompany the operators in this approach, we, manufacturers, are looking for innovation and new manufacturing techniques to offer more and more customizable game modules and adapted to new trends.

To do this, we add to our know-how a technology allowing us to print graphic elements on wood.

One of the advantages of this technique is the irreproachable precision of the final rendering. Moreover, we can vary and adapt the collections for as many themes as desired. Our first collection, The crossing of the Knights, is inspired by the Medieval world.

Stay connected, don't miss our future collections based on the theme of fairy tales, piracy...

Our creativity is only limited by your imagination, don't hesitate to consult us.


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