Learn more about the marketing solutions used at SPS Filets.


What are the marketing solutions used at SPS Filets

What is Kiliba?

Kiliba is a platform that provides all the marketing automation features to design and automate part of our emailing. From this module, we can select different typical scenarios, which will then be sent to you, automatically and targeted according to your profile. This artificial intelligence allows us to bring you product content that corresponds to you while respecting a suitable delay between each email.

How does it work?

Thanks to these scenarios pre-selected by our teams (promotions, abandoned cart, welcome...), Kiliba's artificial intelligence will carefully select the customers and send them the email corresponding to their profile.

Kiliba's artificial intelligence also takes care to respect your peace of mind by not overloading you, daily or weekly, with all kinds of emails. The policy is simple, 1 day, 1 theme, 1 customer.

How does this help us?

Kiliba is clearly a helping hand. Thanks to automation and artificial intelligence, this tool allows us to stay a little more in touch with you, while making you discover products adapted to your needs in real time. After 6 months of use, we can say that this tool fulfills its functions perfectly. This does not prevent us from continuing to send you e-mailings designed by us with our little creations! But on a daily basis, Kiliba frees up time that we can allocate to other missions such as order tracking, website optimization or social network management.

Find our testimonial on their website to learn more about this solution and our opinion.

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