Spreader for Zip-line module

The spreader is a support to adapt your game modules into a zip line module.

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An accessory for zip lines, the spreader is a grey plastic-coated steel beam equipped with 4 suspension brackets. Thanks to these high and low suspensions, it allows the installation of zip line modules requiring 2 hangers such as swings, trapezes and other double hanger modules that we offer.

There are 2 possibilities of use, in fact you can use the spreader bar on two fixing cables or profile on a single cable. To facilitate its installation, it is necessary to fix it with 4 carabiners and 2 tandem speed. These elements are sold separately.

Do you want to expand your courses by offering original zip line modules ? Add the spreader to your modules and give your users a new experience !

You can now order your spreader at SPS Filets !

Matière steel
Coloris grey


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