Anti-fall net 

Anti-fall nets secure your construction sites at heights. Equip yourself with our nets. From standard to tailor-made, our nets comply with the EN 1236-01 standard.

  • 74,52 €

    Get more safety on your high construction sites by equipping yourself with our Anti-Fall Protection Nets.

    74,52 €
  • 1,80 €

    More safety on your high construction sites with SPSFilets anti-fall protection safety nets. Net price per m² (excluding bolt rope), all taxes included:

    1,80 €
  • 2,50 €

    More safety on your high construction site with SPSFilets anti-fall protection nets. Price per m² (excluding bolt rope) including all taxes:

    2,50 €
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SPSFilets supplier and installer of anti-fall safety net.

We offer you a complete service to provide you with support throughout your project.

From the net available from stock to the custom-made net, we manufacture all the anti-fall nets in order to guarantee quality and safety. Our know-how has been passed on within our team for more than 10 years.
The 1263 standard was created to regulate the requirements for safety nets commonly used in the construction industry.

Our nets comply with the EN 1263-01 standard. A 3T boltrop is sewn on the periphery of our nets and 3 samples of test meshes are supplied with each net in order to test the net's resistance annually.

In addition, a traceability label is attached to each of our nets.

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