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Reception and protection mattresses, for is the point? 

Above all, mattresses make it possible to protect users from possible shocks or injuries, which they may have to do throughout your tree-climbing routes. To ensure that their adventure runs smoothly, you must ensure that your platforms and some game modules are equipped with specific foams. It is important to be sure that your users receive each other correctly. For this purpose, we offer you mattresses specially designed to facilitate reception following a zip line for example!

Optimize reception during a zip line or jump.

It is important to think about how your users will come to receive themselves following a zip line. Depending on the intensity of the zip line, it may turn out that a standard foam is not enough to absorb the impact. That's why we we suggest the reception mattress. Designed and manufactured with a greater thickness and density of foam, it allows the most powerful shocks to be absorbed without hurting the user.

In the same category, you will also find the Jump mattress for reception. It allows you to equip your Quickflight with a mattress specially adapted to the reception of this system of jump. With its 2m x 2m square, fully foldable to facilitate the transport and storage, the Jump mattress is practical and useful on a daily basis!

Reception mattresses are essential elements for the successful completion of your tree-hanging routes.

Protect users throughout the journey.

Protective mattresses allow users to avoid injury by practicing a tree-climbing course. These foams are used to protect them from the friction of trees but also to provide them with comfort when crossing the playgrounds. You will find a set of standard foams, corner foams and preformed foams to protect against injuries related to trees or landing platforms.

In addition, for optimal playing comfort, we also offer comfort mattresses to make the game module more pleasant. This is the case in particular with the comfort foam which can be integrated into the net tube. This all-net module which may sometimes interfere with the knee area. The Chimney Foam has been specially designed to optimize the playing experience in this workshop.

With these different foams, users can focus on the gaming experience they can have in your park without thinking about the possible inconveniences they might encounter.

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