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Offer an unforgettable and safe play experience with our children's zip lines.

Because the little ones also want to let themselves slide and feel the sensations of this activity! SPSFilets cares about them, and offers you to equip your treetop park with zip lines specially designed and adapted for the pleasure of the youngest adventurers!

Safe, comfortable and fun!

Our range is made up of products that meet our safety requirements. An essential requirement, which ensures that the game will be 100% safe and allows you to offer an activity in complete peace of mind. Children will thus be able to fully enjoy their play experience.

Our zip lines are also designed to be comfortable. Equipped with lines and a seat that allows the child to be well supported and let him play without being hindered or badly positioned on his zip line.

Assured that everything meets our expectations, and yours, it's time to let the little adventurers have their fun ! A fun activity for the children and reassuring for us.

Children's zip lines are ideal to vary the module games and activities of your high wire park and meet a real demand. By integrating these games, you make sure you offer a fun activity that will delight young and old alike. Parents will be delighted to see their children having fun in complete safety.

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