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Trublue: indoor and outdoor climbing wall auto belay.

The TRUBLUE is a self-insurer that will insure your users during their climbing trips. They will be insured in case of a fall but they will also be able to have fun jumping for a freefall sensation! 

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Designed for climbing and safety at heights.

The Trublue is designed to accompany users on their climbing routes. It makes climbing safer for users and offers more freedom to operators. This self-assuring system can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Simple to install and easy to move, this system adapts perfectly to your different installations. Thanks to its automatic braking system, it adapts to the user's weight for a smooth descent. The Trublue can support a lowering load of between 10 and 150 kg.

The Trublue has a lowering height of 12.5 m. It complies with safety standards and has been fully tested and certified to ISO 17025 (BS EN 341 in Europe). The maximum descent speed is 1.8 m/s. The dimensions of the housing are 380 mm x 320 mm x 216 mm and it weighs 19.3 kg.

The non-contact magnetic system ensures good resistance over time and therefore has no wearing parts.

The Trublue is an add-on module to our climbing holds, tree climbing holds and children's climbing holds. Don't wait any longer to get your Trublue, order it now from SPS Filets.

Contact our sales team for more information. Discover our climbing holds as well as all our game modules for treetop adventure climbing.

Discover the new version of the Trublue, the Trublue SPEED!

The Trublue Speed is the improved version of the Trublue. Indeed, it offers a faster and more specific retraction, especially for speed climbing competitions or for training, while keeping the characteristics of its predecessor.

It is designed specifically for speed climbing competitions and training.

Longueur 12,50 m

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