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Tirvit: steel wire tensioner

The TIRVIT is an ideal rope tensioner for all your treetop adventure courses. 

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TIRVIT: the perfect rope tensioner !

This rope tensioner will go everywhere with you! Ideal for tensioning all the ropes on your treetop adventure courses. Light, easy to handle and compact, it is nevertheless very effective. Indeed, it has a capacity of 600 kg for cables from 7 to 15 mm in diameter. Ideal for tensioning fencing cables, trellises, vine wires, etc...

Very easy to use and implement, this wire rope tensioner is very robust and simple to use. Composed of 2 jaws with self-clamping serrated cams which are alternately operated by a lever. The cams are then moved in the opposite direction on the frame with each movement of the lever. One cam drives the cable and the second cam moves freely forward to grip the cable during the reverse movement of the lever.

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