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Competition mobile foldable handball goal in aluminium

The Competition foldable mobile handball goals will allow you to save space in your multi-sports halls.

Competition foldable mobile handball goals made out of 80mm x 80mm powder-coated aluminium.

Dimensions: 3m x 2m. These goals are sold with anchoring accessories.

Sold in pairs.

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Optimize your space with Competition foldable mobile handball goals.

The Foldable Handball Goals are perfectly adapted to multi-sports complexes. Between each training session, space is freed up, leaving the possibility for the next players to set up their sports furniture without losing space.

Arceaux doublés d'un cadre en partie basse Patins en caoutchouc Charnières dotées d’une butée en caoutchouc
The arches combined with the ground frame give a great stability to the goal Rubber padding mounted under the goal to compensate ground irregularities Rubber padded stoppers on hinges to prevent arches from folding outwards

The Foldable Handball Goals have a 3 x 2 m front and respect the official dimensions. You will be able to use this goal during your official competitions.

The facade is designed with 80 x 80 mm square aluminum profiles. It is painted with red and white stripes. The hoops are foldable. Each goal has 3 of them:

- 2 on each side in aluminium tube of 40 x 40 mm.

- 1 connecting bar of 30 x 60 mm.

A velcro is placed to keep the goal in a folded position. For optimal fixation, 4 anchors (included) are placed on the hoops to be sealed or splitted. Black nylon hooks are also placed on the back of the frame to allow the net to be fixed properly. The corner returns are welded directly on the uprights.

Sold in pairs.

Nombre d'unités 2
Profile type Square
Dimensions 80x80mm
Hauteur 2.0m
Largeur 3.0m
Depth 1.0m
Matière Aluminium
Poids 90kg/pair
Coloris Red and white

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