Who are our partners?


Qui sont nos partenaires

Discover the partners of SPS Filets!

Our strength lies in creating lasting partnerships with companies that share our values. Today, we will talk about the tree climbing sector and more specifically about the company Vid'alpi.

Who are they?

Vid'alpi is a company of difficult access works. Created in November 2020 by Kléber VIDAL, this company is specialized in the construction and maintenance of adventure parks, more precisely accrobranche. Accompanied by his faithful partner, Aska, Kléber meets your needs in terms of construction and renovation at height.

Vid'Alpi is one of our partners / collaborators in charge of the installation of our modules of accrobranche games, on the operator's site.

What are their fields of activity?

The work at height intervenes in several fields of expertise and in particular in the installation of accrobranche parks. It is mainly in this sector that we work in collaboration with Vid'Alpi. We have the expertise to provide you with play modules adapted to your park, when Vid'Alpi has the expertise to install them.

The company can also intervene in the renovation of your parks. It is a question here of bringing the park up to new standards or simply to carry out maintenance.

Finally, as a specialist in work at height, Vid'alpi is also present for missions of difficult access, cleaning of windows, small masonry work, purges, installation of tarpaulins, etc.


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